Getting Started

Ooahh is a cross-platform application framework utilizing javascript and html5. It allows novice through professional developers to create, build, and deploy multimedia applications using web technologies.

Ooahh is Open-Source software and free to use and redistribute under the MIT license. Please see the applications LICENSE file for full details.

Your Ooahh creations can easily deploy on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows, OSX, & Linux making it an ideal choice for cross-platform deployment. Ooahh also includes the latest WebGL technologies enabling imerssive 3d experiences.

Before downloading the source please see the Ooahh samples to get a better understanding of what Ooahh can do.. Now that you have previewed some of the features Ooahh is capable of it is time to create your own Ooahh application.

Compiling Ooahh

Building your own Ooahh application requires you to compile your project with the Ooahh toolkit. To get started make sure you have the latest version of nodejs installed.

Then in your systems command prompt run:

npm install -g ooahh

This will install the ooahh toolkit to your system.

Once you have the ooahh toolkit application installed you can verify it is working by typing ooahh in your terminal and pressing enter. To continue you will now need to learn the basis of how Ooahh builds and creates your application distributeable.

Building your Ooahh application requires you to place the main source content inside a sub folder in your project folder. Generally using source is a good option. So for example if your project was in /projects/myApp/index.js you should move it to /projects/myApp/source/index.js as well as all sub folders and sources.

Ooahh will use the source folders parent location to create two additional folders: build & cache. The build folder will contain your redistributable project binaries for each OS. The cache folder contains daily snapshots of the nwjs node-webkit core. You may delete the cache folder after your build has completed.

That is the basis of how to set-up and compile your application.

*NOTE: The Ooahh build process requires roughly 1gb of free space.

Basic Application

Creating a basic application is easy. Ooahh comes pre-installed with an application initilizer & generator.

To use the Ooahh app initilizer open your command prompt and type in the following:

ooahh --init /path/to/your/project/folder

Where /path/to.../folder is an empty folder you have already created. Ooahh will not create the empty project folder for you.

The Ooahh Generator will ask you the name of your app and any required npm dependencies it may have. You may leave the dependencies field blank.

Upon completion you should have a new project set up at /path/to/your/project/folder.

Now that you have a sample Ooahh application source set up you can generate your first Ooahh app.

The Ooahh generator will compile your code for redistribution. To use the generator open your command prompt and type in the following:

ooahh --generate /path/to/your/project/folder/source

Where /path/to.../folder/source is the location of the Ooahh initilized source.

Your project will now compile and generate a build folder in /path/to/your/project/folder/build with binaries for Windows, Linux, & Mac.

Congratulations you have just created your first Cross-Platform application using Ooahh.